Cambelts, also known as Timing Belts, correctly fitted will ensure synchronised valve and piston movements. Timing Belts should be typically replaced every 80-140,000 miles or 4-5 years, whichever comes sooner, depending on make/model. You can find the information in your owner’s manual, maintenance schedule.  Alternatively, we at Pony Road Auto Specialists Ltd can advise you when this needs replacing – just call us or email us..

We recommend for such an important component, the fitting of only Genuine VAG Cambelt Kits which includes the belt, tensioner and idle bearing.  However, if you have a restricted budget we would advise you to request a quality part of OE (Original Equipment) standard.

Cambelt Warranty

For such an important part as the Cambelt you want peace of mind.  Our recommendation for a Genuine VAG Cambelt Kit comes with a 2 year mechanical failure warranty.  If the unthinkable happens we will repair any damage caused by the Cambelt failure free of charge.

Many VAG engines have Cambelt driven Water Pumps which are prone to breaking causing overheating, head gasket problems and severe damage.

We don’t take a chance, we change Water Pumps with Cambelt Kits.

Water Pumps are fitted free of charge if driven via the cambelt.

12 months (or 12,000 miles) warranty for parts and fitting on OE standard parts.
24 months (or 20,000 miles) warranty for parts and fitting on Genuine VAG parts.